Arrow’s Designing for a Connected World!

I had a good time sitting in some nicely conducted seminars at Arrow’s “Designing for a Connected World!” IOT Conference. I was also fortunate enough to win a door prize – won a pair of nice gaming headphones – a doorprize provided by Kingston Technology.

Wireless modules are getting better – more functioality at lower costs. This helps bring IOT development to life.



PCB Design Layout Specialist

An interesting writing at iConnect007.


August 7, 2018 | Mike Creeden, San Diego PCB

“I was told recently that the designer, aka the PCB layout specialist, is a dying breed soon to be extinct.”…


I read that and think it is an interesting skill. Layout out quality circuit boards does take skill. Anyone can connect the dots ( the net points ) but that doesn’t mean the circuit will work. Planes, impedances, mechanicals, placement, EMI/EMC, timing, thermal – this all takes a special niche.

Contact us at Colibri Circuits for your circuit board design needs.


Colibri Circuits is now a proud member of the SMTA – the Surface Mount Technology Association. Expanding more and more to different knowledge bases.

April is Autism Awareness Month

Colibri Circuits supports Autism Awareness and Research. We will join the sponsors of the Phoenix Zoowalk for Autism Research that will be held later this year on October 13th.

Try to have a program in place at your organization to support people with Autism or other disabilites. Everyone deserves an opportunity to work, excel, grow and feel comfortable and joy in our community.