After a significant amount of time working with GPS receivers it was time to expand my experience portfolio and Colibri Circuits was established in December 2017.

Colibri is the French and Spanish word for “hummingbird”​ – an amazing little bird indeed!

About us…

There are the basics – a power supply, communications interface and a microprocessor. Now add robustness for customer requirements and user experience. There are industry specification to meet at compliance time. Watch out for the frequencies because the board will have to have a low EMC risk. The PCB is the backbone of the electronics, is it designed to IPC standards? Obviously the board has to be manufacturable at the PWB and PCA level. How is the mechanical fit in the product’s enclosure? When in that enclosure it has to meet vibration and shock and of course meet EMI, EMC, ESD standards.

A simple IOT product concept can turn into a significant project. Imagine the additional work on a more significant product with GHz microcontrollers, DDR4, a display, a WIFI module and USB-C.

The team at Colibri Circuits has had over 20 years of working on such designs in digital radio, OEM product design and more.

Over 22 years of circuit design experience. å

Digital Design Processors, Communications, Memory
High Speed, Ethernet, USB, Differential Pair
Power Supplies, PMICs, Power Distribution
RF Design
Meticulous about EMI / EMC
Excellent Troubleshooter
Test Equipment including RF Measurements
Compliance Testing – Temperature, Vibration and Shock, ESD and EMI/EMC
Experience auditing factories including those in China
IPC CID Certified / IPC Member

Licensed Tools
Altium Designer
Orcad Schematic and PCB
PSPICE Designer Plus
Fusion 360 – for 3D Experience, Mechanical design

Not Licensed but experienced with Genesys

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